Tackling the issue of International Religious Freedom requires having tools that drive down to the grass roots and give every-day activists on-ramps into the movement. By partnering as an affiliate you can gain access to build your own campaigns, support human rights defenders from your community, and access your grass roots representatives. Learn more below.


As a partner, you can access the below actions

Targeted Actions/Direct Advocacy

All it takes is 15 people in a congressperson's district to get them to pay attention to an issue they have ignored. You can make a difference by getting policy change and rallying awareness for your issue around a piece of legislation or other congressional action. See below for an example  of what you could build to engage your community.


Your friends, family, and colleagues are some of the greatest sources of support for the cause you care about. They trust your thoughts on supporting important causes for impact. Peer-to-peer fundraising can be a fun way to raise more money than traditional fundraising can.


Want to engage your constituents and people that care about your issue? Petitions are an amazing way to engage people and support positive reform


Need to format an event and connect it with your other resources?

​Speak Freedom Center can help make sure you have the infrastructure for impact


Need to create a quick campaign for fundraising? Need to update an existing campaign quickly, or reproduce a previous effective campaign but with new data?

Sign Up Forms

Sign up forms can help you collect information for your initiatives, newsletters, events, and more. They allow you to customize your forms so that they look professional and are branded, and can be embedded in your page.

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