Whether you are a grassroots activist, an NGO just starting up, or an established organization looking for quick trainings, the library is right for you

These resources from the human rights, advocacy, and business sectors can help you understand religious freedom, how to make a difference, and how to be safe. The key to the different resources helps guide you using them.

International Law/Policy

Data and Stats




U.S. Law/Policy

These are the fundamentals for International Religious Freedom


International Religious Freedom Act

The legal  mechanism that lets citizens engage the US on IRF  issues

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Religious Freedom is enshrined in the rights of every person and recognized by the United Nations

U.S. State Dept. Annual IRF Report

Because of the IRF Act, the U.S. State Department creates a report of every country's religious freedom conditions

By: U.S. State Department

FoRB: Why, What, How

A quick reference guide on what is and is not IRF, or Freedom of Religion or Belief

by: Stefanos Alliance

2018 Annual Report

Recommendation on countries that harm IRF

by: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom


Social media builds awareness - getting it right is easier with these guides

Start Up Social Media Guide

Social Media can be your core megaphone - Learn how to use it well


by: 21Wilberforce

Facebook Tutorial on Setting Up A Business Page

Facebook lets you build a network of activists - All where they already are - learn to set up a facebook page

by: Five Minute Social Media

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is the home to news and connections - learn how to set up a Twitter Account

by: UCI Media

How to Use Canva to Create Facebook Posts 

Canva is a great tool to create memes and other attractive visual content

by: The Business Author Edge

5 Tips to instantly up your photo game

Beautiful pictures get more attention, and it is easy to make your photos better

by: Peter McKinnon


Members of Congress are elected to represent you. When they know you care, they can change IRF policy

Campaign Strategy

Change needs a campaign. With this quick campaign toolkit you have the tools you need to make a difference

by: 21Wilberforce

Influencing Decision Makers

This primer will empower you to know the right way to engage elected politicians and other officials.

by: 21Wilberforce

Writing Decision Makers

Letters actually do make a difference - The Council of Non-Profits has a great guide on communicating with a congress person

by: The Council of Non-Profits

Congressional Score Card

Advocating for IRF requires knowing what politicians can do - the Scorecard helps you become informed about the many ways your representatives can act


by: 21Wilberforce

Basic Tips for Building a Coalition

Having more people can make a difference - this is a great guide to get others on the team

by: Electronic Frontier Foundation

Security Tools and How-To's

Whether you live in a closed context, are traveling to a repressive country, or working on and communicating with those who are, you need to stay safe online

What is a VPN?

Why might you need one when surfing or working online? This VPN Video Review helps make sense of it all

by: VPN Video Reviews

Which VPN?

Now that you know what a VPN is, it's time to see what the best ones are

by: MakingUseOf

Browser Security

No browser is totally secure - but with these 13 Chrome browser extensions yours can be a lot safer

by: MakingUseOf

Social Media Safety

Social media can help you connect - and expose you - learn how to be safer on Facebook


by: MakingUseOf

Extra Secure Internet

If you are in a very dangerous place you may need to take even greater measures. Find out how you can use the technically challenging TOR

by: MakingUseOf

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